How to book New Zealand tracks faster

Many tracks in New Zealand have to be booked in advance, since many of the coming weeks are usually booked. Take for example the most famous track - Milford. It would be almost impossible to book any tickets since huts are booked months in advance. However, other great walks such as Routeburn, Kepler , Abel Tasman and others, can also be booked only several weeks in advance. Therefore, travellers have to check the DOC (Department of Conservation) website frequently, hoping for other traveller to cancel his/her reservation and to get available place for the track (you can use our system can do it automatically for you)

Mountain view of the Milford Sound in New Zealand

Frustrated by the inability to book your hut on your chosen date after numerous attempts? Do not waste your precious time looking for a track… Help is at hand, we will notify you immediately when a hut becomes available. Simply register on the DOC Department of Conservation Website login page. (Registration is free).

The fast way to book huts on the DOC website

Next time you see an available hut on the track you desire, you will be able book those immediately. If you want to get an automatic notifications immediately when there are available huts, NZHuts we can do it for you. NZHuts offers convenient notifications via email and SMS. After registering make sure those emails do not end up in your "spam" folder. We will send you a confirmation email, in case it goes to the “spam”, simply mark the email as "not spam". Thus, you will get emails to your inbox correctly.