Frequently Asked Questions

Over 98% of our users receive notifications about vacancies. If no track become available for the period that requested, you will be eligible for a refund. For more information, refer to our homepage or contact us at [email protected]
Most people travel alone or with a friend. Therefore, cancellations for 3-4 people are uncommon. We recommend splitting into groups of 2 people to have a better chance to secure your spot.
In the case no huts were made available within the requested time frame, you will be eligible for a refund.
Eligibility criteria:
  1. The requested time frame has ended.
  2. You did not receive any notification from us about available bookings during the requested time frame.
  3. The time you signed up was at least two weeks before the beginning of the requested time frame.
Request your refund by clicking the “request a refund” link at the bottom of the confirmation email you had received after your initial sign up.
While I was planning my trip to New Zealand in 2015, I was late to book the tracks with enough time in advance, and all the huts were already taken. And since constantly checking for cancellations is unreasonable, I could not book these tracks. I decided to create this service to help future travelers to easily find out about vacancies.
When signing up, we recommend choosing mobile text notifications since you are less likely to miss it. In addition, take a look at this article about booking huts faster which will help you secure your hut as soon as it becomes available. That’s it! Just sit back, we will do the rest for you.
Nope ☹
NZHuts is a vacancy notification service. Once you are notified, you can simply login to the DOC website and make your booking on the required dates.
Do not worry, NZHuts will keep searching for vacancies and continue notifying you until you choose to unsubscribe.
That said, NZHuts cannot hold bookings open and is therefore not accountable for missed notifications or delayed reactions. We strongly recommend being available for notifications and to book your spot immediately after being notified.
This means huts have become available during the period you are waiting for, but you failed to book them or to unsubscribe from the service.
One reason for this could be that rather than waiting for any cancellation within the period, you are waiting for a cancellation on a specific date. Another possibility is you missed the notifications or did not book on time and the hut got taken again. NZHuts is unable to differentiate between such scenarios, our purpose is to notify you about available places to book, and we will continue sending you alerts for you to book. However, if you have any special requests you can contact us at: [email protected] and we will try to help.
Due to travel restrictions, NZ borders are currently closed, and it is not possible for international travelers to book and trek any of the Great Walks.
Kiwis can continue to enjoy the wonderful nature of New Zealand.