Milford Track

The Milford track is one of the most wanted tracks in New Zealand. In order to get the privilege to walk this track, you need to book huts for the nights you stay at the track. Unlike other tracks, it has a one way structured course of 4 days (3 nights). The huts must be booked in the following order:

  1. Clinton Hut (1st night)
  2. Mintaro Hut (2nd night)
  3. Dumpling Hut (3rd night)
Remember you must pick your hut-entrance tickets from Te Anau DOC visitor center and take them with you to the track. The reservations can be done by the DOC (Department of Conservation) website. But as mentioned before, this track is very popular and travelers often make reservation almost a year in advance. This is where we can help you book when others cancel their reservation!

Track’s course

The Milford Track starts just outside of the town of Te Anau Downs at Glade Wharf (point A) and ends at Sandfly Point on the edge of Milford Sound (point E). In order to get to the starting point of the track you can take a boat from Te Anau Downs, or use your car if possible. If you choose to take a boat you have to make a reservation in advance at the DOC website.

Another alternative is reaching the start of the track via Dore Pass Route. Note, this is a challenging route for experienced hikers only. Same as the starting point, you should also book a boat from Sandfly Point at the end of the course to the Milford Sound village. Since the last day is a long one, it is recommended to book as late as you can.

Track’s weather

The weather is highly unstable due to the track’s location. It means that rain can occur any time of year and weather can get quite cold. Don’t count on weather forecasts to predict the weather and make sure that you have adequate rain gear when you’re packing for your trip. You are also going to want to make sure you pack warm clothes because the temperatures can get quite cold at times within the park.